Welcome to my USfilm channel, as a proud member of HermitCraft, founder of FoolCraft and member of the MSI Gaming Team, I enjoy playing videeeo games!

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Mouse: Steel Series Rival 700 (400 dpi)
Keys: Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard (non-mech)

Microphone: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Playclaw
Editing: Vegas

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  1. Syberyah

    Iskall and Mumbo: *build Pacific skyscraper* Mobs: It's free real estate!

  2. BEE

    hey Iskall since you have plenty of gold, you should add a golden chandelier of doom on your omega tree of doom

  3. rockandfire

    u should make a copy of your tree when its complete and then burn it in a creative world

  4. theAstarrr

    18:52 Ride Start 22:04 Iskall Dies

  5. Ben Brownrigg

    I am waiting for more episodes on season 7 so I decided to re-watch season 6!!!!!!!!

  6. Tyler D S

    6:31 Hermits out of context

  7. Tyler D S

    0:01 Hermits out of context

  8. Zaza Warner

    GradeAunderA: disappears for 9 months Me: meh Iskall85: disappears for a month Me: Where is he!!!!

  9. Yu El

    Where have you bin

  10. Vlad Namolosanu

    The centrepiece is the shop lmao

  11. Maximus Miesse


  12. Silvio Messmer

    Imagine how good pacific would be if mumbo and iskall acctualy would work together

  13. Andrew Wright


  14. Toivo Haapkylä

    Gerald was allways so generous. F

  15. Seth Sandberg

    Pacific is more of a free mob farm than a investing, modern vacation to the Hawaiian beaches, Redstone business

  16. nonreligionist

    You got bamboo-zled

  17. skyecrusher

    26:20 that’s what she... no

  18. Lowen Evvan

    You know what would be awesome. Go with the simple "hole in the floor, water at bottom" for getting back to the lower floors of pacific. It's a diving board elevator

  19. Chelsie Humphries

    I was SO CONFUSED why no one in the comment section had mentioned this was the last episode he made in 3 months Only to then finally realize after a month of checking the Playlist, that he's made more episodes but just forgotten to add to the playlist

  20. Jake TheDoggable

    Iskall: talking about storage Meanwhile tango: SmASh ThEM WiTh OUr ReDsTOnES SpAGeTy

  21. Lucas Graeff

    Lol iskall is actually trying to get diorite.

  22. Elisa Zanoni

    who ever hurts a Herbert is a MONSTER!!!!!!!!

  23. Brendon Ohlinger

    upload? please

  24. Ilet Ito

    You must construct additional pylons.

  25. VR Freak

    Bro you stumbled on my 4upage and you bring back so many memories because I used to be a super fan

  26. Darkmagic

    You could mould a wave around the giant impractical mumbo contraption... I think that would look cool!

  27. Morcus_Beeron69

    Iskall r u streaming any time soon. I need stream time and singskall

  28. Hocuss Pocuus

    his game is wayyyyy too complicated ^^'

  29. Srujin Gopa

    You should mine it then make it into ores then break it an repeat

  30. Zerpex 89

    How do you use the vain miner

  31. Ruairi Murphy

    Wadzee for hermit craft s8

    1. Ugly Ducky 9553

      YESSSS he is would be so good on hermitcraft

  32. Devin

    Peskybird: "SaAaAAnD"

  33. mr.sceoaccmorumnetetnt

    iskall not uploading for a long time so he will never reach episode 100: "sometimes my genius... it's almost frightening"

  34. Evan Drennon

    ahh the origin of the 12 bamboo

  35. Ess Bee

    This is the best tree in the history of the world.

  36. Ethan Kuziela

    Man says he returned yet we are waiting another week and a half for him to post

  37. o

    She literally asked for the tag... that's a pro gamer move ngl. lol

  38. Ziggy W

    Iskall, Mumbos machine isn’t finished it was going to expand backwards more. Might want to remove the floor behind the machine.

  39. Noah Eveland

    Fourth spoon is Eyebrows

    1. Noah Eveland

      For emotion

  40. Slasher

    When you get 85m you better throw like a hermit craft oadg

  41. BEE

    can we all agree that iskallman looks like a kid with that big head

  42. Drew 'Brecht

    You realize how long this has been going on when I say that the Covid-19 virus was found about two months later.

  43. Stuff Studio's

    Lol iskalls floor idea just destroyed mombo idea

  44. LaserStringGaming

    his puns are so bad but so good at the same time

  45. Jake TheDoggable


  46. Aidan Torok

    If only iskall knew that the g-man himself was the man behind the doors

  47. Lily Rose

    Did no one else notice that when he was talking about how his shop was going he said “I think this is taking shape to be a really cool looking starter base”? I was at 14:50 in.

  48. Christopher :o


  49. Ba11er_29

    Ngl I thought u died

  50. Evan Morrison

    Iskall if you're reading this, im new to hermit craft and your channel and I'm loving every minute. Thanks for your positivity and some great content!

  51. Keenan Chalmers

    Pacific- Better with Cyan Should be your motto

  52. abbsnn cose

    Episode 99: 1 hour timelapse of iskall finally working on the Omega Tree.

  53. xCHxStoneward

    He is back and already gone... cool...

  54. Bogdan Rusea

    It's nowhere near being a chöp

    1. abbsnn cose

      I miss vault hunters updates...

  55. Joshua Estrada

    12:30 could’ve been bad 😬😬

  56. Lydia Derhake

    Omg , this was funny on MJ's channel and it's funny on yours. Never gets old! 😂

  57. Iris Popp

    Just the fact that my fathers name is Gerald.... RIP And my grandfathers name is Herbert.... WHY???

  58. John van der Watt

    Hermitcraft season 8 iskall mumbo and grian create a shop called Grand Canyon

  59. John van der Watt

    Pacific is like a “more profitable “ sahara

  60. Me

    Beef: makes a huge library, bedroom, etc for iskall iskall: makes Tommy boy for beef

  61. Atticus Star

    Specific item in the barge:*is out of stock* Hermits going to get the item themselves: Guess this is my life now

  62. Wesley Saadeh

    Who else came back here in 2021 just to see this MASTERPIECE again

  63. yeye bcm1

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  64. Filip Nikolov


  65. Liz Pupa

    I saw you on mumbo's videos and I think your accent is really attractive and you're really funny I think I'll binge watch your videos xD

  66. SoralTheSol

    My favorite thing about this, is how iskal and mumbo are constantly breaking each others stuff.

  67. æther onyt

    iskall man theme song never gets oldddddddddddddd

  68. Xardan Gaming

    Mumbo, let's face it, odea hasn't really worked...

  69. J.A.G.A

    I got unsubscribed for some reason only found out thanks to mumbo saying your name in a vid

  70. yuoop noke

    Episode 99: 1 hour timelapse of iskall finally working on the Omega Tree.

  71. Kagan Baker

    X. Sells sand in his rock shop I believe? I may be wrong

  72. Rebound FC

    When the title is like that you know the video is gonna be AMAZING

    1. Rebound FC

      @yuoop noke yeah that is pretty funny in my opinion

    2. yuoop noke

      gah their working without figuring out what the other is doing drives me batty

  73. Kittin9459 RTC

    What dare did this man loose to have to change his name to BiG tOe MaNnY?

  74. Aussie Pigeon Man

    The Australian football looks a bit weird. That ain’t Aussie Football

  75. Exquisite Dragon gaming

    III love how hE is oN episode 79 and ren is only oN ep 37

  76. hellokittyfsn

    my heart skipped a beat when i saw the charrot there 🍗🍗🍗

  77. usmile

    I can't believe it's been a year...

  78. Requiem

    17:34 BEEFskal awwwww 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  79. Jack Walker

    I miss vault hunters updates...